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You could say horticulture is in our blood, or others may say we have a green thumb. One thing is for sure, our history doesn't lie. Our experience dates back over three generations and originates from Helmuth Ruesch living and working on farms in Germany. He brought his agricultural knowledge to the USA and founded Ruesch Tree Service. When he was ready to retire, Jeff Ruesch took over the business to grow it to the company many of our customer's know today.

At the end of 2020, Jeff was ready to retire and hang up his saddle. He passed the ropes off to the 3rd generation, Brendan Ruesch. Brendan followed in his father's footsteps and attended Stockbridge School of Agriculture and graduated with a degree in Arboriculture. He then worked alongside Jeff for 10 years ​at Ruesch Tree Service as the Plant Health Care Manager.

Today, we have converted Ruesch Tree Service to Ruesch Plant Health Solutions, to assist our customers in finding solutions to the problems that arise in their landscapes. We specialize in plant health care programs as well as many other horticultural services, always striving to save our trees and connect our customers to nature.

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